Injection for Xcode®       

Release Notes to

Release 6.4 Support for Xcode 6.4 & 7.0+

Release 6.1 Support for Xcode 6.1

Release 6.0 Support for Xcode 6 GM & 6.0.1

Release 5.2 Support for Injecting Swift Classes.

Release 5.1 Support for Xcode 5.1.

Release 5.0 No more project patching required at all, Xtrace functionality also included.

Release 3.5 Project Learnt to determine build commands.

Release 3.4 Support for Apportable.

Release 3.3 Support for Xcode 5.

Release 3.2 Support for injection in JetBrains' AppCode IDE.

Release 3.1 Storyboard layout changes injection without restart reintroduced.

Release 3.0 Refactored simpler version of Injection available supporting workspaces.

Release 2.8 Injection no longer needs to patch class header file for ivars.

Release 2.7 Basic support for projects using CocoaPods workspaces added.

Release 2.6 Injection no longer has to compile your class as a category to operate simplifying matters greatly.

Release 2.5 Injection is now a plugin running inside Xcode for greater ease of use. Sources files are no longer patched in place but copied to a shadow file for building into the bundle.

Release 2.4 Proper support for properties in "extensions". Header files moved into App bundle so that injected source can be checked into source control without user paths. OSX Injection or Injection in Simulator will not attempt to connect over the LAN. Project frameworks automatically added to bundle project. Now aupports "sandboxed" apps.

Release 2.2 Color wells added to the control panel to allow fine tuning of colors in an interface in it's fully populated run-time configuration as you would a parameter. An image well is also provided to iterate over background artwork as soon they are saved to local disk.

Release 2.0 Injection of iOS application storyboards now supported. Edit a view controller interface in Xcode, save it, and the changes will take effect immediately for the last loaded UIViewController.

Release 1.8 Support of complex projects with multiple embedded framework sub-projects by the use of symbolic links automatically generated in the main project directory. Any framework or project class is able to be injected. Simplified web based interface to converting/reverting classes for injection provided as second control panel. Use cmd-F to quickly find classes in "Project Source Status" control panel which lists all classes in a project and it's subprojects.

Release 1.6 Considerable reduction in bundle load times by caching compile commands used by the "xcodebuild" utility. No longer converts all writable files in a project when it is opened unless an application preference is selected. An alternative interface to making class source injectable and reverting theses changes provided instead.

Release 1.4 Separated iOS and OS X injection bundle projects improving handling of mixed architecture project directories provided they have separate project files. Deals with unsafe and weak IBOutlets when using ARC. Improved demo application which now opens automatically and improvements to class conversion macros.

Release 1.2 Demo application showing injection in operation included on startup. Improved class conversion.

Release 1.0 Initial release.

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