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Injection for Xcode FAQ

What is "Injection for Xcode"? Injection for Xcode is an plugin for the Xcode IDE. It no longer requires you to make any changes to your project for it to work. Injection loads your changes using a bundle and applies the changes to it's implementation without requiring the application to be restarted.

How does it work? The Objective-C runtime allows you to load a new version of a class into an application using a bundle even if there is already an implementation linked into the application. Swizzling is used as the bundle is loaded to switch the existing class to use the methods of the new implementation. This can be done repeatedly and works for OSX and iOS applications and on iOS devices.

Will Injection affect my released application? No, Injection no longer requires you to make any changes to your project.

I get errors when Injection tries to build it's bundle. Whats up? When converting a class to inject the source needs to be able to compile in a separate "InjectionBundle" project in a different directory than it is usually compiled. You may have to adjust the include path or Frameworks in the project in the bundle project for it to build cleanly. Once a project is setup the InjectionBundle sub-project can be placed in source control and shared with other developers.

Where do it get injection and how much does it cost? The installer package for the current version of Injection can be downloaded from the main page of this site. It is now shareware and free to use indefinitely but after two weeks you will be invited to make a donation of $9.99 for an individual license or $25.00 for a commercial license per machine using Paypal (which also allows you to use a credit card.)

What support is available for Injection? Support is available on a "best effort" basis via email at . You'll generally get a response within 48 hours and likely sooner. If you encounter any problems using injection please don't hesitate to report them. Updates will be announced on the twitter account @Injection4Xcode.

Where do I get more information on Injection for Xcode? A short summary of the history of Injection is available in Erica Sadun's original TUAW post.

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